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MRS_mbMission Restaurant Supply, one of the largest restaurant equipment and supply companies in the USA, is your ultimate online source for low prices on thousands of kitchen products, gifts and supplies for your home or restaurant. Operating since 1988, we offer over 8,000 affordably-priced products online, and we continue to add new products every day. Cook at home in a kitchen like a pro and get great advice from friendly foodservice experts

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Importance of Communication in an Organization

Emails for Small Business with Constant ContactCommunication is one of the basic functions of management in any organization and its importance can hardly be overemphasized. It is a process of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organization.   It is not possible to have human relations without communication. However, good and effective communication is required not only for good human relations but also for good and successful business. 
Effective communication is required at various levels and for various aspects in an organization such as –  For manager – employee relations: Effective communication of information and decision is an essential component for management-employee relations. The manager cannot get the work done from employees unless they are communicated effectively of what he wants to be done? He should also be sure of some basic facts such as how to communicate and what results can be expected from that communication. Most of management problems arise because of lack of effective communication. Chances of misunderstanding and misrepresentation can be minimized with proper communication system.  For motivation and employee morale: Communication is also a basic tool for motivation, which can improve morale of the employees in an organization. Inappropriate or faulty communication among employees or between manager and his subordinates is the major cause of conflict and low morale at work. Manager should clarify to employees about what is to be done, how well are they doing and what can be done for better performance to improve their motivation. He can prepare a written statement, clearly outlining the relationship between company objectives and personal objectives and integrating the interest of the two.  For increase productivity: With effective communication, you can maintain a good human relation in the organization and by encouraging ideas or suggestions from employees or workers and implementing them whenever possible, you can also increase production at low cost.  For employees: It is through the communication that employees submit their work reports, comments, grievances and suggestions to their seniors or management. Organization should have effective and speedy communication policy and procedures to avoid delays, misunderstandings, confusion or distortions of facts and to establish harmony among all the concerned people and departments.  Importance of written communication: Communication may be made through oral or written. In oral communication, listeners can make out what speakers is trying to say, but in written communication, text matter in the message is a reflection of your thinking. So, written communication or message should be clear, purposeful and concise with correct words, to avoid any misinterpretation of your message. Written communications provides a permanent record for future use and it also gives an opportunity to employees to put up their comments or suggestions in writing.  So, effective communication is very important for successful working of an organization. Business writing software with grammar checker and text enrichment tool, which enhances a simple sentence into more professional and sophisticated one, can be used for writing effective business communications. For more information, please visit grammar correction tool.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/business-articles/importance-of-communication-in-an-organization-97064.html

Author: Stephen Thomson About the AuthorFor details on software to enrich your business writing, please visit
writing software for business.

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How To Fix A Leaky Website

Author: Bob DeStefano

This may sound shocking, but your company may already have more than enough traffic on your Web site to achieve your business goals—but the problem is that you may have a leaky Website. That is, prospects and customers are visiting your Website, but very few are taking the next step to do business with you.
Might you have a leaky Website? Read on to learn how to diagnose the problem and, more importantly, how to fix the leaks.
How to Tell If You Have a Leaky Website
To determine whether you suffer from the symptoms of a leaky Website, review your Web analytic reports that track visitor behavior and look for the following issues:

Your conversion rate is low. How many anonymous Web visitors turn into named leads for your sales process? Your conversion rate is the measure of your ability to persuade your visitors to take action and reach out to you. If your conversion rate is low (or nonexistent), your Website definitely has leaks.
Your bounce rate is high. Your bounce rate measures the number of people who arrive at one of your Website pages and then leave without doing anything. They are a good indicator of whether your Website meets the needs of your visitors, or whether they think it is a complete waste of time. If your bounce rate is relatively low (under 25%), then your Website is doing its job effectively, leading prospects to the next step. If your bounce rate is high (over 40%), you have a leaky Website.

How to Plug the Leaks
If you have a leaky Website, don’t fret. The following tips will help you plug the leaks and optimize your Website for more leads and sales.
Make sure your content is customer-focused
Prospects are not visiting your Website to kill time. They are there to find a solution or solve a problem. Does your Website content draw these prospects in—or cause them to bounce away?  To draw them in, make sure your Website engages prospects by offering customer-focused content that speaks to their needs and provides a solution to their problems. Talk less about you and your company and more about your customers’ needs and concerns. If your content is customer-focused, prospects will stick around and ask for more.
Don’t rely on your ‘contact us’ page
Do you want to turn your Web site into a lead-generation machine? Then stop relying on your Contact Us page as the sole method for prospects to contact you. Rather, offer visitors easy access to contact information on every page of your Website in a consistent location.  You will be amazed at how many more prospects will reach out to you if you invite them to do so.
Make an offer they can’t refuse
Now, take it one step further by supplementing your contact information with relevant calls to action that will compel your site visitors to respond.  When crafting your offers, think about the audiences you are trying to attract, as well as the various stages of the buying process they may be in. To attract individuals ready to buy, offer product specials, quote-request forms, salesperson consultations, and online ordering.  In addition, to help you build a marketing database, offer softer calls to action for the tire kickers and early-stage buyers. Examples of soft calls to action include downloadable “how to” guides, whitepapers, “ask the expert” question submission, and e-newsletter subscriptions.
Simplify your lead generation forms
Are your lead-generation forms as daunting as a tax return? If so, simplify them immediately. Don’t try to qualify prospects with your online forms—that’s the salesperson’s job.   The more fields you require to be filled out, the fewer people you will hear from. So, ask only for the most basic information that a salesperson will need to reach out to the prospect and begin the relationship.  Also, make sure that those forms immediately get to a knowledgeable salesperson for follow-up. The best time to follow up with a prospect is when they are still browsing your Web site.
Shorten your checkout process
If you sell products online, take a close look at your checkout process to identify leaks. How many customers who add an item to their shopping cart actually complete the sale?  If you are losing many of these valuable customers, look for opportunities to simplify your checkout process, including the following: cut the number of clicks required to complete the sale; communicate shipping costs early; offer a progress meter to let people know where they are in the process; and offer alternative (offline) ways to order.
Make your phone number obvious
According to our research, people are highly likely to want to pick up the phone and call when they are browsing a company’s Website. To boost the number of inquiries you receive, don’t make your visitors hunt for your number. Make your phone number one of the prominent calls to action on every page.  In addition, I recommend using a unique toll-free number on your Web site so you can accurately track the number of calls you receive from Website visitors.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marketing-articles/how-to-fix-a-leaky-website-1717205.html

About the AuthorBob DeStefano is an online marketing strategist and professional marketing speaker with over 15-years experience helping companies leverage online marketing to produce bottom-line results.  Bob is president of SVM E-Business Solutions, a leading B-to-B online marketing agency.

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Credit Card Debt Relief Services

Credit Card Debt Relief Services – How to Locate a Legitimate Debt Relief Company

Author: Blair Alfred
We all know how easy it is to use a credit card, and most of us own several. The feeling of freedom is something that any consumer likes and it is great to purchase goods and not worry about paying them until the end of the month. But this is when the problems start; if you don’t do it responsibly it can be very easy to become late on your credit card loan and soon you might find yourself unable to pay it back. You might be now thinking about bankruptcy but you don’t really want to choose this option because you know that you won’t be able to take another loan in the future.
Debt relief options are a much better alternative to bankruptcy and you won’t have to worry about a low credit score, this will actually increase as soon as you use a debt relief option and start making payments on time. One of these options is debt settlement that can reduce your debt to half and make it affordable for future payments. The lower interest rates, lower debt and the lack of creditor fees make paying back your debt much easier and much faster.
There are quite a few debt relief companies that come with different offers to attract more clients and their number seems to increase each month. While this may be a good thing because now you have from where to choose from, it can also be dangerous due to the large number of fake companies that have also made their presence on the market of debt relief. These fake agencies usually ask for a big amount of money in advance and promise things that might seem to good to be true, and they are. As soon as you give them your money they will disappear and leave you in a worse predicament that the one you started with.
The best way to locate a legitimate debt relief company is through a debt relief network. Here are companies that offer various debt relief methods, and they all have the great thing in common of being legitimate and approved by the BBB; Better Business Bureau.

Debt settlement is a viable alternative to filing bankruptcy. Most consumers are able to eliminate at least 60% of their unsecured debt while avoiding many of the negative consequences with filing bankruptcy. If you are over $10k in unsecured debt you will be eligible for debt settlement.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/finance-articles/credit-card-debt-relief-services-how-to-locate-a-legitimate-debt-relief-company-2847701.html

About the Authorwww.debteliminationagency.com is a matchmaker in the debt settlement industry. They have paired up thousands of consumers up with debt settlement companies who are most likely to get consumers the best deal.
contact us for free debt advice = 8884442820

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3 Things You Need to Start a Business

Author: Robert Wallace

If you are thinking about starting a new business, you need to know three things. Do these things and your business will run smoothly. Forget them, and you will have trouble down the line.
Register your business name.
This will be called a DBA (doing business as).
The reasons for this are two fold.
· When you generate money, you will have to report it to the federal government (Internal Revenue Service) and in some cases the state and local governments. The DBA is how you separate your regular income from your business income.
· The other reason is to make sure no one else is doing business under your same name. If you don’t register your business and someone else is doing business under the same DBA, then you could lose your right to continue doing business under that name and have to start over. Getting a cease and desist order could cost you a lot of money and could cost you clients.
Do your homework first.
· Research and find out what the legal requirements are for your chosen business.
· You need to know what insurance you need to cover your liabilities
· You need to know about the bonds you need to post or buy to cover yourself and your clients.
Don’t over extend yourself.
· Under capitalization is the most common reason for business to fail. Simply put, you don’t have enough money to keep your business going while you are getting it started.
· People often forget to figure out how much money it is going to take to sustain a business. Paying the help, rent, utilities and other expenses while business is growing can be costly.
o A way to figure this out is to run a test market. A scaled down version of what you are going to do.
o Consider trying to sell your product or service at a flea market where you have a lot of traffic to see how people will respond to your business.
o In other words, don’t quit your day job until you are sure that your business will have a sustainable income.
By doing these things first, you will save yourself a lot of grief and possibly your business. No one starts a business just to see if they can skirt the laws, not pay taxes, or have someone else take over your business.
Lawsuits can be devastating to you and your family, protect yourself by obtaining the correct insurance or bonds and falling all the rules.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/entrepreneurship-articles/3-things-you-need-to-start-a-business-2848330.html

About the AuthorRobert enjoys many business ventures and sharing his passion with others. As a businessman, he always has new projects going. Visit his latest business venture at http://bbqgrillparts.org where he shares his knowledge of the BBQ Grill Cover.

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Tips For Effective Classifieds Ads

Author: Vikas Shannon

Are you getting the expected results from your classified ads? If no, then it is time to review your ads and get the maximum number of clicks. Classified ads are effective and smart ways to promote your business or venture. But while posting an ad you should always consider few tips which can prove to be effective. A catchy and creative headline will instantly grab the attention of a visitor. Try to create an excellent title with keyword rich. Keywords play a vital role and help searchers easily find you. If you use the same keywords in the title and the meta tags then it will show up in the search engine and get better exposure. Keywords are important parts of search engine optimization and so it can bring lot of traffic.   While posting your classified ad you should also take care of the description of your products and services. Detailed description help consumers understand the features of the product or services in a better way. Specify what you are selling or willing to purchase. It helps the visitor to understand what you are exactly looking for.Post your ad to the right category. There are various categories available such as: buy, sell, job search, matrimonial etc. and you should post the ad in the proper category so that consumers can easily find you.Never forget to provide your contact details. It is necessary because the consumer might be willing to contact you for further details or purchase/sell a product or service. A good number of classified ads website provide marketing services absolutely free. People with low budget can opt for such opportunities as they are also effective like any marketing tool. Posting an ad is very simple and easy. It takes only a few minutes to post an ad and it can be done without registration.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/advertising-articles/tips-for-effective-classifieds-ads-2847141.html

About the AuthorSunClassifiedAds.com is a free online Classifieds ads site where you can post free ads & can get targeted traffic and high response for your advertisement. Post your Free Classified ads in all Indian cities and states.

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